Investment Management

Colonial Trust Company builds portfolios tailored to the unique investment goals of each client. The process begins with understanding a client’s return objectives, risk tolerance, and any constraints that may impact their capital management. This analysis yields an Investment Policy Statement which governs the management of their assets. Portfolios are managed with a combination of active equity and fixed income instruments and low-cost passive exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Utilizing individual securities and low-cost ETFs allows Colonial Trust to consider a client’s objectives, time horizon, and tax consequences when making trade decisions – rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.


Current economic conditions and market valuations are key when making strategic investment decisions. Developing a thesis on both requires research. We utilize resources from leading financial institutions, independent third-party providers, and our own proprietary research.


We typically manage individual securities complemented by low-cost passive strategies. We use discretion and objectivity to help our clients invest wisely. This allows for transparency and typically a lower fee structure than product-based solutions.

Portfolio Construction & Management

We construct portfolios consistent with our quality, long-term oriented investment philosophy. We carefully evaluate economic conditions and strategically allocate assets aligned with the client’s goals. Our portfolio management and corporate retirement plan professionals provide a level of in-house expertise that translates into personal, customized solutions.