Trust & Fiduciary Services

Colonial Trust is the only independent trust company based in South Carolina. Our firm is privately owned, and its independence allows the entire team to be objective and flexible in managing trust relationships.

A corporate fiduciary in the role of trustee provides objectivity, accountability, and oversight in the execution of an estate plan. Colonial Trust’s team is seasoned in the role of balancing the interests between family members and navigating complex relationships.

Colonial Trust develops long-term relationships with clients, working with families in the accumulation and retirement stages of their financial lives. In many cases, Colonial serves clients by managing their estates and trusts for their heirs.


We serve in professional fiduciary roles for all types of personal trusts including Testamentary, Living, Charitable, Special Needs, and Insurance Trusts. We also offer family office services, estate settlement, and other unique fiduciary roles.


Each family is complex in their own way and naming an individual to carry out an estate plan can put tremendous strain on relationships. As objective professionals, we’re used to playing the delicate role of enforcing fiscal discipline or balancing opposing interests. The relationships we develop can extend far beyond today, making our longevity an asset for our clients.

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